Purus Labs

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Purus Labs was founded in 2008 by Brandon Smith and is made up of formulas systematically forged from science and research by scientists and athletes. The products are supported by published human scientific data and have been the center of more than one University study. All forms of increasing exercise performance and a healthy lifestyle are addressed within their product arsenal. 

The brand currently carries 22 products in various flavours and ways to consume to meet the demands of an ever-growing and changing industry.

Our head office:

55 Chastain Rd NW, Suite 110, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144, US

Contact detail: info@puruslabs.net

Why choose Purus Labs?

  1. Trusted formulations: Athletes trust our products because of their efficacy and quality ingredients. The brand provides a certificate of analysis with every product to ensure customer transparency.
  2. No Banned Substance: Our products are safe for long-term use by all, including competitive athletes. They are free from harmful additives and prohibited substances listed by WADA/NADA.