ON (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Whey, 5 Lbs.

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Supplement Facts

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Contains pure protein

The ON (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is a high-quality protein containing whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of whey protein available. Containing premium ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, it provides high amount of protein in every serving, helping you build muscles fast and recover better after heavy workouts. This protein supplement contains naturally-favoured whey, which provides you proper nourishment and helps in exercise recovery. Consuming this supplement provides you with naturally-occurring glutamine & glutamic acid per serving. This helps you cope with the stress after heavy workout session. You also get a high amount of naturally-occurring BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) per serving.

Fuels muscle strength

Protein is a very important nutrient required by your body to function properly. Whey protein, a naturally-occurring dairy protein, boosts your body’s immunity, and provides you proper strength and stamina, enabling you to cope up with heavy physical activities. It is a rich source of BCAAs that manufactures glutamine, a primary fuel of the immune system. They help in improving protein synthesis in muscles, and ensure enhanced muscle growth and recovery. Working hard in the gym makes you tired and your body needs an instant energy booster. The ON (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein provides you proper energy and helps you get a perfect, toned body.

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30 Reviews For This Product

  1. 30


    I was using a fake product till now but fitbasket team guided me the source and provided me the authentic product.
    I am happy and glad to speak to their team

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  2. 30


    Fantastic stuff. Chocolate mint is by far the best flavor. Tastes like someone melted down mint ice cream and put it in a powder form lol. Only used it a few times, so I can’t put out anything for results, but I’m sure it’ll please me. AMAZING product, ON.

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  3. 30


    I have been using this product for about 2 years now and it has helped me make great changes in my body type. The taste is better then any protein I have tried and it is mostly chemical free which I also enjoy. I would recommend this to anyone who is weary about taking supplements due to the nature of this product.*

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  4. 30


    Good powelder amazing taste awesome

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  5. 30


    Quick to mix for an after workout protein boost. Full of Amino Acids that have helped build and keep lean muscle. I love the taste and would never settle for anything else. Currently I am stacking this with 100% Casein and i’m not switching to anything else. Optimum Nutrition is just an all around awesome company.

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  6. 30


    Liked the cookies and cream as much as the french vanilla creme. I add frozen fruits and yogurt to my smoothies and they mixed well

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  7. 30


    it is much effective than other protein mixes and it provides the strength to lift heavier weights.

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  8. 30

    vikas kataria

    This is hands down the best protein powder you can buy.

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  9. 30


    This is actually a good quality protein powder. First try and I like it. Been using the cheap powder from Walmart for months until I saw this one was on sale.
    _So smooth compared to the cheap one I’ve been using.
    _Mixed well with water
    _Not sugary like other cheap brands which is really good
    _One scoop only 32g
    _A little pricy
    _I bought the 10lbs bag without the scoop so I had to use my own
    Bottom line is: I highly recommend this product and will buy this product again!*

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  10. 30

    amit gupta

    ‘ve been looking for a protein powder that is mainly Whey Isolate and not artificially sweetened. This is sweetened with Rebaudioside A which is one of the compounds extracted from the stevia plant which has the least amount of bitterness. This powder is not overly sweet like some powders so if you are looking for extremely sweet, desert-type protein shake then this is not for you. This is definitely sweet enough for me to drink on it’s own or if I’m looking for something sweeter, I’ll add more sweetener to it

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  11. 30


    Tastes great. Chocolate is great by itself, but I prefer it with some chocolate almond milk (paleo diet-so no real milk for me). Vanilla I do not prefer by itself (or other vanilla flavored protein I’ve tried), but it’s great blended with a little fruit, veggies, eggs, Green Vibrance, and coconut milk or water for breakfast.

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  12. 30


    These are one of the best protein products out there. High in protein and other ingredients but low low in sugar and carbs! You can’t beat that! The other products I have looked at use many of the artificial sweeteners that I’ve read to be harmful to the body.

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  13. 30

    Sanyam Jain

    I have gone through at least 10 of these by now and they continue to taste good. The Natural Strawberry flavor taste great as well. I mix them with just water and they both taste great! They dissolve very easily. What I have found is that it is smoother if you stir them initially and then let sit for a few minutes. Come back and stir it up again. You would have given the powder a little time to dissolve and become non-lumpy.

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  14. 30


    Mixes well. Chocolate flavor is not artificial or synthetic tasting; so much and I’m not on a hunt to replace it with the Double Chocolate or Extreme Milk Chocolate flavors that seem to be either loved or hated by the many other reviewers.

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  15. 30


    In the morning I take pre-blended quacker instant oatmeal, ON’s whey and skim milk to make a fast and nutritious breakfast drink. Pre-blending the oatmeal allows me to drop a few 1/4 cups of fine powder in a blender bottle with whey and milk shake, add ice and enjoy. No blending, no fuss.

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  16. 30



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  17. 30

    manoj chaudhary

    A nice one-scoop shake of protein powder really tops off a good workout. I’m fairly skinny, with an absurdly high metabolism, and I do notice a more rapid increase in muscle size when taking protein shake after a workout. I docked one star since the flavors really are awful and leave a really chalky feeling in my mouth. Also, I don’t know if it’s always this way, but the natural powder was more expensive. I don’t like having to pay extra to -not- include the artificial sweeteners and whatnot. Overall, I think ON is the best brand out there for protein, and the 5lb tubs are a pretty good deal. Make sure to buy online, else you’ll be paying some ridiculous markups.

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  18. 30


    Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey, Natural Chocolate flavored protein powder is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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  19. 30

    Rohit Wagh

    This is my second 5 Lb container of this natural version of the ON Chocolate. Not that this is the best chocolate whey I’ve had, but it has the fewest ingredients and has none of the sucralose/Splenda or other artificial sweeteners that so many have. Yes it has a stevia leaf extract (listed sneakily enough as “Rebaudioside A, Aminogen®” on the label) and that’s as close as I’ve come to allowing a non-sugar sweetener in my protein, but it is not overly sweet (to me) and has just enough.

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  20. 30


    Started lifting again 1.5 years ago. Was not taking any protein due to fear of weight gain. Seemed like most whey offered required 2 scoops or about 220 calories for 24 grams of protein. Optimum Nutrition offeres 24 grams of protein per scoop or 130 calories. This was my main reason for trying ON’s Whey.

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  21. 30


    Good stuff, and there’s a lot of value in the 5lb container.

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  22. 30


    I’ve tried lots of different kinds of protein powders, and the Optimum Nutrition natural series is probably my favorite in terms of taste, quality and price. I’ve had some that do taste better, and mix as well

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  23. 30


    I bought this as a healthier alternative to the standard Optimum nutrition 100% whey gold standard because it did not contain any artificial sweeteners like the standard version did. I don’t like that Optimum Nutrition only has this available in 5 pound buckets because I really was not a fan of the taste (but none of my other friends seemed to mind it) and so would have rather had not so much of it.

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  24. 30


    I had been buying 1.5# protein from Walmart and it was fine, but one tub was lasting less than 2 weeks. A friend of mine turned me on to ON and honestly the big upside (at first) was the 5# size. It lasts me about 6-7 weeks drinking a shake or two a day on most days.

    My first tub was the Banana Cream. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being horrible and 10 being amazing, I’d give Banana Cream about a 7. I really liked it, but found it was much better mixed with a banana or strawberries or something besides just the powder. But I was hooked, and it seems to support my goal of weight loss and modest muscle growth/strength increases.

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  25. 30

    Sachin Gajbhiye

    This mixes well with both water and milk. My favorite is to mix it with unsweetened almond milk – and if you add half a frozen banana and some peanut butter it tastes even better. I’ve even mixed it with my kale smoothie in the morning — I freeze pre-washed organic kale, and put about a cup into the blender, along with about a cup of unsweetened almond milk, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a few frozen blueberries or a half of a frozen banana. Tastes delicious, and it goes down great. (One tip is to blend up the kale and other frozen things first, since it takes a while to get a good consistency with kale, and then to add the protein and blend quickly. Otherwise, if you blend it for a long time, the protein in milk can get a bit frothy.)

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  26. 30

    Amandeep singh Rainoo

    The only way I found that I could drink this without feeling sick was through shakes with fruits to mask the weird chocolaty flavor. As aforementioned all my other friends thought this tasted okay so the majority of people will probably like it, I just didn’t.

    If you don’t care about artificial sweeteners, then go for the standard version it probably tastes better, but if you want a healthier alternative this is a decent choice.

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  27. 30


    The healthier (and less tasty) alternative to the standard ON whey

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  28. 30


    This one uses pure whey isolates, and it’s a very simple list of ingredients, as opposed to some others that have a lot of things in there I’ve never heard of.

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  29. 30


    I have tried MANY different types of whey protein powder over the years, and I was looking for a protein powder that was as natural as possible with no artificial sweeteners (after all, if it’s bad for lab rats, it’s gotta be bad for me). I chose this product in large part due to the positive reviews and because it did not contain artificial sweeteners. I ordered the Natural Chocolate flavor. I use this to mix this with my morning coffee for meal replacement and pre morning workout kick. I also have mixed it with nonfat milk for post workout recovery as well as for a blended smoothie with frozen fruits and water. First, the positives: the protein amount is good for my needs, not too high and not too low (24 grams per serving); the mixability is excellent as it mixes well in hot coffee, cold milk and in a blender with water; the results are good for my needs, I feel more energized before my workout and have already lost a little weight in the past couple of weeks since adding it in to my routine

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  30. 30


    the low calorie to high protein ratio is not the only selling point for this product. Taste and texture are a huge factor. Most protein has a synthetic flavor and clumpy consistency. ON’s Natural whey is smooth and delicious. Whether mixed in water or milk the flavor is good. Since its natural, you’re avoiding those artificial sweeteners.

    Was this review helpful to you?


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